Canon EOS Rebel T3 vs Nikon D3200 – Detailed Review

The most evident difference between the cameras we will be comparing today – Canon EOS Rebel T3 vs Nikon D3200 – is that they are made by different companies.

They are both entry-level DSLR cameras. They even come with the APS-C CMOS sensor type and the same ISO range. Point is, these cameras have quite a lot in common.

Well, today, we will be looking at all the other not very evident things that differentiate these two cameras.

If you have time, please, do read till the very end. But if you are in a hurry, then pay close attention to the next three sections for a quick run through. Let’s get to it!

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Table of Contents

Comparison Overview – Canon EOS Rebel T3 vs Nikon D3200

The first thing you probably notice is that these cameras – Canon EOS Rebel T3 vs Nikon D3200 – are made by two of the biggest names in the camera manufacturing business – Canon and Nikon, respectively.

(By the way, if you would like to see another Canon vs Nikon matchup, check out this article. It even features the Nikon camera we are reviewing today.)

Both these companies are elephants in the room when you speak of cameras, and of course, you expect nothing less than excellent from them.

Canon announced the EOS Rebel T3 (also known as Canon 1100D) in April of 2011, while Nikon announced the D3200 in July of 2012.

A year and three months between these two, would that affect so much? Let’s see.

As earlier mentioned, these two camera possess the APS-C CMOS sensor type. However, there is a difference in resolutions.

While the Canon EOS T3 has a 12 mega pixel resolution, the Nikon D3200 bests that by a hundred per cent with its 24 mega pixel maximum sensor resolution.

If you think that was a wide difference, check this out: the D3200 has a screen resolution which is 300 per cent higher than that of the EOS T3. Yes! A staggering three hundred per cent! Wow!

Now, if you will be shooting a lot of video with the camera you hope to get, then you might be leaning towards the Nikon camera.

Not only does it have a better video resolution than the Canon one, it is also the only one of the two with an external microphone jack for higher audio quality.

But the Rebel T3 does not always play second fiddle, though. Its battery, for one, absolutely flaws the Nikon’s.

You get 700 shots per full charge of the Canon camera’s battery, which is 160 more than you get per full charge of the Nikon’s battery.

More so, the T3 has a sensor pixel area which is 81 per cent larger than what the D3200 comes with. Amazing isn’t it?

From what we have said so far, it is obvious that these cameras go toe to toe with each other.

Which has the better price-value ratio: Canon EOS Rebel T3 or Nikon D3200?

Without a doubt, the Nikon D3200 is the one with the better price-value ratio of the two. Both cameras are pretty affordable, but the D3200 even more. And considering how much it does, we say it will be giving you massive value for your every dollar spent to purchase it.

Check out the table below for a quick comparison of the major specifications of each of these cameras.

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Comparison Table – Canon EOS Rebel T3 vs Nikon D3200

  Canon EOS Rebel T3 Nikon D3200
Camera weight 1.09 pounds (495 pounds) 1.11 pounds (505 pounds)
Camera dimensions 5.1 by 3.07 by 3.94 inches 4.9 by 3.03 by 3.78 inches
ISO range 100 to 6400 100 to 6400 (expandable to 12800)
Maximum sensor resolution 12 mega pixels 24 mega pixels
LCD screen 2.7 inch fixed screen 3 inch fixed screen
Screen resolution 230k dots 921k dots
Focus points 9 11
Burst mode speed 3 frames per second 4 frames per second
External microphone jack No Yes
PC sync port for flash No Yes
Battery capacity 700 shots per full charge 540 shots per full charge
Video resolution 1280 by 720 1920 by 1080
Color depth 21.9 bits 24.1 bits
Flash range 9.2 meters 12 meters
Sensor pixel area 27 micron square 14.85 micron square

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Which Is Better Under What Circumstance?

Canon EOS Rebel T3 Nikon D3200
If you will be using your camera often for shooting sprees, then you would need a camera with a good battery, which is what this one is.

With 700 shots per full charge, you are pretty sure that your camera will not be dying on you after only a few minutes of use.
If you want a camera that will capture a lot of detail, then you want one which has a high maximum sensor resolution, which is what this camera is.

With 921k dots, this camera will be producing large enough pictures without blur.
If you want a camera with a large sensor pixel area because of the quality of images it can produce, then this is the one to get.

Its pixel area measures 27 micron square, making it 81 per cent larger than that of its counterpart.
If you will be recording a lot videos, we advise that you get this camera.

This one has a pretty good video resolution and a port that allows you connect external microphones for superior audio quality.
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Common Features – Canon EOS Rebel T3 vs Nikon D3200

The following are the most basic similarities that the Canon EOS Rebel T3 and Nikon D3200 have:

i. They are both entry-level cameras.

ii. They are both DSLR cameras.

Let us explain these terms.

What Is An Entry-Level Camera?

An entry-level camera is the lowest level when it comes to camera complexity. This such camera is made primarily for amateur usage. Therefore, if you are a new photographer, and you haven’t much knowledge of how a camera works yet, or say you need a camera strictly for personal use, an entry-level camera is the one to get.

Entry-level cameras are also usually affordable, making them even more fitting options for this demography.

But of course, it would be unfair to expect pro benefits from a beginner camera. Entry-level cameras are usually the least durable cameras a company provides, and that’s fair.

What Is A DSLR Camera?

A digital single lens reflex (DSLR) camera is principally characterized by the presence of a mirror and an optical viewfinder. This mirror mechanism is what makes the average DSLR pretty bulky, especially when compared to their rival cameras, the mirrorless ones.

However, one huge advantage you get with a camera like this is an awesome battery. And well, you can even observe that advantage in this comparison.

The reason you can find a beginner camera that can take 700 shots per full charge of its battery is that it is a DSLR one.

Now, the DSLR vs mirrorless duel is still a pretty hot topic in the photography world. So, if you want more info on that, check out the video below.

The following are the features common to both the Canon EOS Rebel T3 and the Nikon D3200:

i. Optical viewfinder

ii. Built-in flash

iii. External flash hot shoe

iv. Auto exposure bracketing

v. APS-C CMOS sensor

vi. Face detection focus

vii. RAW support

viii. ISO

ix. HDMI output

Optical Viewfinder

An optical viewfinder – a feature unique to just DSLR cameras – is used to preview and frame photos before they are captured. It is a miniature display through which a photographer can get the image which the camera’s lens is viewing, just exactly as it is. No digital image, no lag, just exactly as it is.

We just established that both these cameras – Canon EOS Rebel T3 vs Nikon D3200 – are DSLR cameras, so, it is very expected that they both come equipped with this feature.

Now, each of these cameras comes with the pentamirror optical viewfinder which is inferior to the pentaprism kind but functions well all the same.

Furthermore, the viewfinders of these cameras both have a 95 per cent coverage; pretty impressive.

Built-In Flash

This is a feature you are probably already used to. It is a convenient way you can lighten up a dark location in order to get bright images.

The built-in flashes of both these cameras work pretty well, and they are both pop up flashes.

However, that of the Nikon D3200 (12 meters) has a 2.8 meter longer flash coverage range than that of the Canon EOS Rebel T3 (9.2 meters).

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External Flash Hot Shoe

In case the lighting from the built-in flash is not sufficient, these cameras – Canon EOS Rebel T3 vs Nikon D3200 – give you an option to improve on that by using an external flash.

The hot shoe sits just on the top side of the cameras, and it is where the external flash is mounted.

Auto Exposure Bracketing

This is a feature that allows you shoot well and get good results in complicated lighting conditions.

When you are unsure what exposure setting will give you the best results, it is best to shoot using auto exposure bracketing.

When set, this feature on these cameras – Canon EOS Rebel T3 vs Nikon D3200 – can help you get an image in three different exposure settings, with only one click of the shutter button.

This is even better news for you if you are interested in HDR photography. Getting good HDR images is made a lot easier with this feature.

This feature is not complicated at all. You just need to get the hang of it, and it will be a breeze from there.

And well, to help you get the hang of it, here is a video that shows you how to use auto exposure bracketing on a Canon DSLR camera.


Like we said earlier, these cameras come with the same sensor type – the APS-C CMOS sensor.

This sensor is not exactly inferior to the full frame ones, even though many will argue that the latter is a lot better.

Well, one thing we can say for sure is that the sensor you get with these cameras does particularly well when the object of your photography is quite far from the camera.

Anyway, although their sensors are the same, the resolutions you get with them are different.

You get 12 mega pixels of maximum sensor resolution with the EOS Rebel T3, and twice that with the D3200.

Face Detection Focus

This feature is what helps your camera’s lens identify and focus on human faces in its frame.

If you use this feature, even as an amateur photographer, your photos will have that professional touch you so desire.

More particularly, face detection does amazing for portrait photography.

And that makes sense seeing as the most important thing in a portrait photo is the face, and that is what this feature helps the camera focus on.

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RAW Support

A camera with RAW support is a camera that can take photos without needing to compress them before saving.

When photos are compressed to the JPEG format, they lose some detail. So, if you would rather not reduce the quality of your photos, shooting in the RAW format is the way to go.

Note, however, that photos in the RAW format are considerably larger than JPEG format ones. So, if you don’t want to lose detail, you ought to be ready to sacrifice storage space.


The ISO measures how sensitive the camera’s image sensor is to light. It is represented by a number, and the higher the number, the more sensitive it is to light.

Furthermore, a high ISO does better in low light, i.e., you are able to get pretty bright images in a dark place without a flash.

However, the higher the ISO, the higher the grains/visual noise that will be present in the images taken.

So, you can see that using the ISO requires some skill and understanding.

Anyway, though, a camera with a wide ISO range is always a lot more preferred, because it allows the photographer to be more flexible going up and down the ISO numbers.

That said, the 100 to 6400 ISO range that both these cameras offer is not very appealing.

Well, only the Nikon camera sort of made up for that with the extended maximum of 12800.

HDMI Output

The HDMI output is the port to which an HDMI cable is connected, and then that cable connected to a monitor or television screen.

This is used when the camera’s images are to be displayed to a large number of people at the same time, say at an event or at a conference.

This output can be found in both these cameras – Canon EOS Rebel T3 vs Nikon D3200.

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Unique Features – Canon EOS Rebel T3 vs Nikon D3200

What makes the Nikon D3200 better than the Canon EOS Rebel T3?

i. External microphone jack

ii. PC sync port for flash

External Microphone Jack

Apart from the superior video resolution, the presence of this port is another reason we have said that the Nikon D3200 is the better camera for video.

Quality audio is very important for a great video, and in as much as the internal microphone of this camera is good, the quality it produces cannot be compared to what you will be able to get from an average external mic.

You would need this especially if you will be shooting videos in noisy areas. Internal microphones aren’t so good at noise cancelation, but that is pretty much the specialty of external mics.

PC Sync Port For Flash

Here, you are presented with an option to get really awesome results in flash photography; results even better than what external flashes will produce.

This port is what helps you connect bigger off-camera flashes to your camera, basically for flash photography.

You might not have so much need for this as a beginner or an amateur, but it is still great to have that option there anyway.

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Unique Pros – Canon EOS Rebel T3 vs Nikon D3200

Which has the better battery: Canon Rebel T3 or Nikon D3200?

The Canon EOS Rebel T3 — an entry-level camera — can get you up to 700 shots per full charge of its battery, and if that isn’t impressive, then we don’t know what is.

This is really great for those who will be shooting for long stretches of time. And well, everybody else really, ‘cos who doesn’t love a device with a long lasting battery?

Which has the larger sensor pixel area: Canon Rebel T3 or Nikon D3200?

At 27 micron square, the sensor pixel area of the Canon EOS Rebel T3 is a pretty large one. In fact, it is 81 per cent larger than what you get with the Nikon D3200.

What this means is that, because of this, the Canon camera might be producing images with more detail and better quality.

Below is a video that does a hands-on review of the Canon EOS Rebel T3. Check it out!

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Which has the higher sensor resolution: Canon Rebel T3 or Nikon D3200?

At 24 mega pixel, the maximum sensor resolution of the Nikon D3200 is pretty impressive. More specifically, it is twice what you get with the Canon EOS Rebel T3. Therefore, because of this, photos taken with the D3200 will surely contain more pixels than those taken with the Rebel T3.

There are a number of things that contribute to the production of high quality images by a camera, and one of those things is the sensor resolution.

So, in as much as this camera slacks in the sensor pixel area department, it leads in the area of sensor resolution.

You will be able to get photos taken with the Nikon D3200 in pretty big prints, again thanks to its high sensor resolution.

Which has a higher screen resolution: Canon Rebel T3 or Nikon D3200?

The Nikon D3200 has a 921k dots resolution screen, and for an entry-level camera, that is pretty decent. With this, you will be getting adequate detail when you view your camera’s images on the screen.

Which offers better audio quality: Canon Rebel T3 or Nikon D3200?

The Nikon D3200 allows you to use external microphones to get better audio quality while you record video, better than what the internal microphone offers.

More so, if you are able to purchase a really good external microphone, you will be able to record audio in very noisy places and still get the best of results.

This is one thing your camera’s internal microphone can never guarantee you.

Which better for flash photography: Canon Rebel T3 or Nikon D3200?

The Nikon D3200 is the only one of these two cameras – Canon EOS Rebel T3 vs Nikon D3200 – with a PC sync port that allows the use of an off-camera flash.

With an external flash, you sure will be able to do pretty well in flash photography. However, with an off-camera flash, you will be able to get really amazing results.

Below is a video that does a hands-on review of the Nikon D3200. Check it out!

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Unique Cons – Canon EOS Rebel T3 vs Nikon D3200

Unique Cons Of The Canon EOS Rebel T3

i. Low maximum sensor resolution

ii. No external microphone jack

iii. Low screen resolution

iv. No PS sync port for off camera flashes

v. Small screen

Let’s discuss each of them:

Low Maximum Sensor Resolution

The 12 mega pixel of maximum sensor resolution you get with this camera is low, even for an entry-level camera.

With this, you will not be getting a lot of pixels in photos taken with this camera, and that is surely not good news.

No External Microphone Jack

With this camera, you will not be able to get advanced audio quality with an external microphone while you record.

And although the internal microphone works pretty well, when you have to record in very noisy places, you would really wish you could use an external microphone.

Low Screen Resolution

230k dots of screen resolution really does seem like a joke.

There is not much to say about this except that this is a very disappointing number, even for an entry-level camera.

No PC Sync Port For Flash

Maybe not much of a huge deal, but you miss out totally on being able to use off-camera flashes with this camera.

Small Screen

The Rebel T3 comes with a 2.7-inch screen and is smaller than most you will find in the market.

And with screens, you probably already know that bigger is better.

Unique Cons Of The Nikon D3200

i. Average battery capacity

ii. Small pixel area

Average Battery Capacity

This camera is able to take a maximum of 540 shots per full charge of its battery, and that is not exactly awesome for a DSLR camera.

Small Pixel Area

14.85 micron square is not exactly a large sensor pixel area, but well, that is what you get with this camera. Not very exciting.

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Common Pros – Canon EOS Rebel T3 vs Nikon D3200

  Canon EOS Rebel T3 Nikon D3200
Good primary source of lighting With the built-in flash, you will be able to take bright enough photos in low light. with a This camera also comes with a pop-up built-in flash.
Good for flash photography This camera allows you mount an external flash which will do well for flash photography. This also allows you use an external flash.

But it does one better with the PC sync port which allows you connect an off-camera flash for even better flash photography.
Great HDR photography Auto exposure bracketing makes it easy for you to get lovely HDR photos. This also comes with auto exposure bracketing.
High quality photos With RAW support, you are able to take photos and have them store without any compression which could reduce quality. You also have RAW support with this camera.
Good portrait photos The face detection focus feature this camera comes with ensures that you can get great and nice looking portrait photos without having to do much. You can also get lovely looking portrait photos with this camera.
Good framing With the optical viewfinder (and its 95% coverage), you are able to preview and properly frame your photos even in direct sunlight. This camera also has an optical viewfinder which has the same coverage as that of its counterpart.
Lightweight This camera weighs just about a pound. And for a DSLR camera, that is definitely lightweight.

A lightweight camera has many advantages, one of which is that it is easy to carry around anywhere.
This camera weighs a little more than the EOS Rebel T3, but it is still a lightweight camera itself.

It is, however, the more compact of the two, even though only slightly.
Extend display This camera comes with an HDMI output. This implies that you can project your camera’s images to a large screen just with an HDMI cable. Same as the Canon EOS Rebel T3.
Affordable This camera is a budget friendly one. This is even more affordable than the Canon camera.
User friendly This camera is an entry-level camera indeed. It is very intuitive and easy to operate. This camera is also very easy to operate.
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Unique Cons – Canon EOS Rebel T3 vs Nikon D3200

  Canon EOS Rebel T3 Nikon D3200
Low ISO maximum 6400 is not really the ISO maximum we were expecting from this DSLR camera. It could have and should have been higher. This also has a 6400 ISO maximum. Although it sort of makes up for that by being expandable to 12800.
Pentamirror optical viewfinder Pentamirrror optical viewfinders are inferior to the pentaprism kind. This also comes with the pentamirror optical viewfinder.
No top side LCD display The top side LCD display usually helps photographers easily monitor settings while they shoot.

This camera, however, does not come with this little screen.
This also does not come with that little screen on its top side.
No built-in Wi-Fi No built-in Wi-Fi on this camera means that transferring files to smartphones might not be as easy as you might have loved. This also does not have a built-in Wi-Fi.   Anyway, it does provide an option to access Wi-Fi connectivity with an external device.
No built-in Bluetooth The absence of a built-in Bluetooth renders another blow to wireless connectivity of this camera. This also does not have a built-in Bluetooth.
No near field communication This camera does not come with a built-in Wi-Fi, so, it is not surprising that it also does not come with NFC. This also does not come with near field communication.
No remote control You will not be able to use your smartphone to do a remote controlled shooting with this camera. Same as the EOS Rebel T3.
No image stabilization If you move a lot while shooting with this camera, it might take a toll on the results you get.

Your images will most likely come out looking blurry because of this camera’s lack of image stabilization.
Same as the EOS Rebel T3.
No touch screen A touch sensitive LCD screen would have made this camera’s features more convenient to access.

But well, you won’t be getting that level of convenience with this camera.
This one also does not come with a touch sensitive LCD screen.
No articulating screen This camera’s LCD screen is fixed and cannot be tilted.

This means that you will be having difficulty using this camera to shoot from awkward angles.

No selfies with this one either.
This camera’s screen is also not flexible in the slightest.

So, this is not the best camera to take pictures from really high angles, low angles, and other such difficult angles with.

You also cannot take selfies with this camera; bad news for YouTubers specifically.
No headphone jack You will not be able to use headphones to regulate audio while you record with this camera. This camera also does not have a port to which headphones can be connected.
No built-in GPS You won’t be able to geo-tag photos taken with this camera.

This is not good news if you are a travel photographer or you just travel with your camera a lot.
You also will not be able to track the location of photos taken with this camera.
No panorama This camera does not have the in-camera app that allows you put photos together to make a panoramic one. Same as the EOS Rebel T3.
No slow motion This camera does not allow you record videos in slow motion. Same as the EOS Rebel T3.
No weather sealing This camera is not the best to use in harsh weather conditions, as it doesn’t have a weather sealing.

This means that weather components (rain, snow, humidity, and so on) could easily cause major damage to this camera if they get into the body.
This camera is also not weather sealed.
Slow burst mode speed At 3 frames per second, the burst mode speed of this camera is anything but fast.

A fast burst mode speed is relevant for when you have to capture images of people or objects in motion.

So, it is safe to say that this camera will not be giving you the best of results in that regard.
This camera offers 4 frames per second in burst mode, and that, too, is disappointing.

What Do People Think About These Cameras – Canon EOS Rebel T3 vs Nikon D3200?

Canon EOS Rebel T3 Nikon D3200
The most common comments about this camera have been that it is user friendly and it produces pretty nice images. People have also complimented this camera’s user friendliness, as well as its ability to take really nice looking images.
There have been many varying comment regarding the 12 mega pixel maximum sensor resolution of this camera.

While some were disappointed from the go, others were of the view that the low resolution did not affect the quality of photos they took.
People were impressed by the sensor resolution of this one.

And according to them, the high resolution translated into good quality images.
The batteries of this camera, as you would expect, got so many people excited.

They loved how they could go on shooting for hours with the camera dying being the last thing on their minds.
The battery of this camera is honestly not horrible, and you could see that from customer feedback.

However, some happened to be mildly disappointed and expected a bit more.
Now, not everybody was very happy with the grip of this camera, even though some thought it was just nice.

We think this is a matter of difference in hand sizes, as this is obviously a lightweight and compact camera.

Anyway, many have said that this camera is affordable, and who does not love an affordable camera?
People were not happy about this camera’s lack of an image stabilization and absence of a weather sealing.

But they have said that it does awesome in flash photography.

Furthermore, many have talked about how functional and yet very budget friendly this camera is. A combination everybody seems to love.
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Our Take – Canon EOS Rebel T3 vs Nikon D3200

Canon EOS Rebel T3 Nikon D3200
This camera is a really great one if you are looking to learn and start a career in photography.

It is easy to use, lightweight, compact, and affordable. Just typical of what a beginner would love and need.
This camera is also a great camera for beginners and personal use.

It is equally compact, lightweight, user-friendly, and affordable; even more affordable than its Canon counterpart in today’s comparison.
We are most excited about the battery of this camera; very impressive.

However, we were most disappointed by the screen resolution.

Even though people might argue that it has little influence on image quality, we still think Canon should have done better in that regard.  
We are most excited about this camera’s performance on video.

It shoots 1080p, gives option for awesome audio quality, and has a pretty impressive video resolution.

We are, however, not impressed by the lack of an articulating screen. This would have made shooting and recording a lot more flexible.
The Canon EOS Rebel T3 will do great for events photography, HDR, street, daily photography, and all other forms of amateur photography. This camera will be awesome for flash photography, events, street and daily photography, HDR photography, recording videos, as well as a few other pretty interesting photographic activities.
Finally, we would say Canon did a pretty decent job with this one. The Canon EOS Rebel T3 is really functional and is budget friendly, too.

Maybe not the better in today’s comparison, but definitely a camera you wouldn’t mind having.
The Nikon D3200 is perhaps the better of the two cameras in today’s comparison, but definitely not by so much.

But we can assure you that you will have no regrets getting this one.

Actually, it is even as functional as some semi-professional cameras out there, that’s how good this camera is.
Click here to get the Canon EOS Rebel T3 on amazon now.
Click here to get the Nikon D3200 on Amazon now.

FAQs — Canon EOS Rebel T3 vs Nikon D3200

What cameras do professionals use?

i. Canon EOS 5D Mark V

ii. Nikon Z7

iii. Nikon D6

iv. Canon EOS-1D X Mark III

v. SOny A9 Mark II

vi. Fujifilm X-T3

vii. Panasonic Lumir S1R

viii. Olympus OM-D E-M1X

ix. Sony A7R IV

x. Canon EOS 5D Mark IV

What are the best Canon Rebel for beginners?

i. Canon EOS Rebel T7i

ii. Canon EOS Rebel T7

iii. Canon EOS Rebel SL3

iv. Canon EOS Rebel T100

v. Canon EOS Rebel SL2

What is the best entry level DSLR camera?

i. Canon EOS 80D

ii. Canon EOS Rebel T7i

iii. Nikon D5600

iv. Pentax K-70

v. Canon EOS Rebel SL3

vi. Nikon D3500

vii. Canon EOS Rebel T6i

viii. Pentax KP

ix. Canon EOS 9000D

x. Canon EOS Rebel T6

How old is the Canon EOS Rebel T3?

The Canon EOS Rebel T3 was announced by the manufacturing company — Canon — on the 7th of February, of 2011. It was announced as a replacement for the Canon EOS Rebel XS which was itself announced in June 2008.

With this camera, Canon introduced movie mode to beginner DSLRs, and it was very well received by many customers.

Is the Canon Rebel T3 a professional camera?

The Canon EOS Rebel T3 is not a professional camera. It is a camera particularly designed to be as easy to use as possible. It is compact, portable, and affordable — very typical of an entry-level camera.

This camera, however, misses out on being the perfect beginner camera because of its LCD screen. It is neither flexible not touch sensitive. But the Canon Rebel T3 is still a great camera for amateurs.

Is the Nikon D3200 good for photography?

The Nikon D3200 is most certainly great for photography. This camera comes with a 24 mega pixel APS-C CMOS sensor, 921k dots of screen resolution, and a 14.85 micron square sensor pixel area, so, you are assured of great image quality from this one.

It will also be doing well in low light as it not only has a built-in flash, it also gives you options of using a regular external flash or a more advanced off camera flash. Not to talk of its 100-6400 ISO range, with the maximum expandable to 12800.

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